Our Mission

BOC Capital's mission is to improve the economic prospects of traditionally underserved groups, with a focus on low and moderate income entrepreneurs and their communities, and thereby create genuinely brighter futures. At the heart of our mission is the belief that whatever their differences, people and communities share a common goal: to achieve economic stability and growth. Working in partnership with culturally diverse individuals and organizations in support of shared goals for equitable economic development and community-based job creation is the hallmark of BOC.



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BOC Capital is Different

BOC provides more than just loans for opportunity and growth. BOC Capital contributes to the economic, cultural, and social vitality of our communities by educating and empowering underserved entrepreneurs.

BOC Capital exists to increase access, resources, and business opportunities for minority, women, immigrant and low-income entrepreneurs. BOC achieves this by providing small business loans and practical business advice and hands-on assistance to those locked out of conventional credit markets, and small businesses with growth opportunities.

Our affordable and flexible financing options are designed to increase the potential for business acceleration, profitability and growth. We pair this capital with hands-on business assistance customized to the stage of business development, challenges and opportunities. We help entrepreneurs develop their business and financial management capacity, and avoid costly mistakes.

Business advisory services are available throughout the life of the loan and beyond. It is BOC Capital’s mission to support local small business owners as their needs and opportunities evolve.

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