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Black Lives Matter.

The BOC Network and BOC Capital stand with our Black employees, small businesses, and communities in the fight against racial inequality and its legacy of wealth inequality. Economic disparity goes hand-in-hand with deep-seated racial injustice - leading to generations of harm to Black and Brown communities. The fight against social injustice is critical to our work to build inclusive local economies.

BOC reaffirms its mission to work in partnership with diverse communities to bring an end to systemic racism and advance economic justice to create a fair and just society for all. We are here to say, Black Lives Matter.

Paving the way

BOC Capital joins business owners on their entrepreneurial journey, with financing and practical business support.

Whether you are an aspiring or established business owner, you have a partner in us.

We value your entrepreneurial spirit and passion.

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Our borrowers play an important role in their communities and they deserve the chance to fulfill their vision. Their small businesses create jobs, transform lives and become important role models for possibility and success.

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