Diverse. Community. Capital.

Today, BOC Capital Corp. is honored to receive the Diverse Community Capital Program Award from Wells Fargo, as part of Wells Fargo Works for Small Business: Diverse Community Capital (DCC) program.     Wells Fargo has successfully supported more than 150 Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) across the country in both rural and urban communities…

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Small Business Week: At a Glimpse

So what is Small Business Week? Ever since the Small Business Administration’s inception in 1953, the SBA selects one week out of the year to celebrate small businesses and entrepreneurs. The SBA itself is an independent agency of the federal government that aims to maintain and strengthen the economy by aiding, counseling, and protecting the…

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Spencer Petterson: Empowering Women One Day at a Time

*In light of celebrating Women’s History Month, we have Spencer Petterson of BOC Network and BOC Capital, who is here to share her story and empower women entrepreneurs to take advantage of the opportunities that she is able to provide. Spencer leads and manages workshops that support women entrepreneurs in accessing capital for their small business,…

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